Many students get abdominal pain when they think of the master thesis. They know how to do it. After all, they did the Bachelor thesis. If you are looking for some things, you will soon have the master in your pocket.

The final hurdle before the master’s title is the master’s thesis. It is the first written work for students of 80 to 100 pages. In order not to sink into chaos, organizational skill is required. Literary research, sorting, reading, links: all this requires discipline and time management. But first the student has to find a topic for his master’s thesis. This works in a similar way to the Bachelor’s thesis. He was initially asked to define a rough question and to read the literature and studies. Gradually, he can narrow down the topic and ultimately decide for a specific question.

Master in the company should take care that they are really interested in the topic – reading and writing process would otherwise be difficult. It is also an advantage if the topic of the Master thesis is oriented towards the future professional goal. One possibility is to write the master thesis at a company.


But no matter how the student decides. But he is not alone. “Without a good care is nothing. It is the A and O “, says Peter Riegler, professor of computer science at the Ostfalia Hochschule Braunschweig. It is important that the chemistry between the student and the professor is correct. Topic agreement, content and workload must be clarified by the supervisor and the student in several conversations. Many candidates are high expectations. “They want to grab the stars. So it is relatively typical that the student has to cut back goals and remove some of the work, “says Riegler.


That is why it is important to define the issue as early as possible. Anyone who already creates a table of contents at the beginning and writes an introduction does not come away so quickly from the topic. Many candidates start with two to four weeks before the end of the month. If it comes to a writing block, it becomes tight.

Professor Riegler advises to turn to the supervisor in such cases. “Students should openly seek the conversation. Most professors appreciate a critical self-assessment. In no case should the candidate try to cheat or trickle – the manager notes. “If you openly deal with the problem, you can usually count on the professor’s goodwill. Many examinations allow an extension of the master’s thesis – it is only important to justify it.


Anyone who takes a few points does not have to be afraid of a write block. Nevertheless, many candidates feel overwhelmed by the scope of the thesis. “The big task is often the problem. Students tend to think in large units. It is better to proceed step by step, “says Holger Walther, employee of the psychological counseling center at HU Berlin.

The candidate should not take too much for a day. He can subdivide the structure of the thesis and create a mind map. So there are many small blocks that can be processed. Walther explains: “This is like climbing. Nobody climbs Mount Everest in one day. It can only go up one bit at a time. For each stage the candidate has reached, he can then also reward himself. ”


There are also days when the student only reads and researches. He should not despair if the pages do not come then. Research and reading are prerequisites for the entire writing process. In between, the student should always get feedback. Even foreigners can assess the interim status of a work. They are unbiased and objective.

But sometimes contacts and feedback do not help. “Many students are unsure about what comes after the master thesis. They therefore hesitate unconsciously for the writing process, “says Holger Walther. In these cases, the Diploma psychologist advises to work in parallel with the Master’s thesis. The university ‘s career service or research on the Internet help. Overall, the student should not worry too much. Walther: “It’s just a thesis. It can be an entrance ticket to work life – but it is not the only one. “

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